Run a professional business with our sales and payment tools

Amidship helps you get a head start on your bookkeeping. From keeping track of orders and payments, to sending receipts - we’ve got you covered.

Manage your finances with automatic invoices and receipts

With Amidship, you can generate invoices for every sale you make. Plus, once you get paid, we automatically send receipts to your clients.

Track how much you’ve earned with each appointment

Keep a record of your sales in one place. Amidship goes beyond appointment scheduling to help you track your income.

Keep accurate records of your payments and price adjustments

Amidship helps you keep your finances up-to-date. Record your payments, tips, and discounts to ensure that you never lose track of unpaid sales.

Save time and get paid faster using online payments

With Amidship, you can collect debit or credit card payments before each appointment. You can even set up automated payments for repeat clients to save you both time.