Organize your business - without a receptionist

Amidship takes your business communications to the next level. Free up your time and gain a professional edge with our automated messaging tools.

Save time while keeping your clients and team in the loop

Amidship helps keep your clients and team informed. Send automatic texts and emails to confirm appointments and notify them of any changes.

Say goodbye to no-shows and late appointment cancellations

Help your clients keep their appointments. Amidship sends friendly, automatic text and email reminders 24 hours before an appointment.

Collect reviews and feedback after each appointment

Amidship helps you automatically collect feedback from your clients. Follow up after each appointment to gain insights on how you’re doing.

Effortlessly track your payments using our messaging bot

Staying on top of your books has never been easier. To track payments received, simply reply to our text messaging bot and Amidship will do the rest for you!