Simple pricing for businesses of any size

  • Self-Employed

    per month
    • All Features
    • 1 Team member
    • 5 Services
    • 2 Bundles
    • Perfect For At Home Services
    • Amidship Subdomain
  • Small Business

    per month
    • All Features
    • 20 Team members
    • 10 Services
    • 8 Bundles
    • 1 Workplace Location
    • Custom Domain
  • Enterprise

    per month
    • All Features
    • 100 Team members
    • 50 Services
    • 15 Bundles
    • 10 Workplace Locations
    • Custom Domain
  • Make the best investment for your business

    • Makes Cents

      On average, our users pay for their monthly subscriptions in just

      1-2 appointments

    • Best Value

      Switching to Amidship saves self-employed business owners


    • More Freedom

      Our users save 3-4 hours/week, on average! In a year, they save upwards of

      150 hours!

    * Based on average $25/month cost of maintaining separate website, scheduling, and payment tools for self-employed business owners.

    Why Business Owners Love Amidship

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a credit card to sign up?

    No. All plans start with a free trial! We don't collect your credit card information until you're sure that Amidship is right for you and your business.

    What happens after my free trial ends?

    Once you're confident Amidship is right for you, you can buy your plan of choice from within your trial account using any major credit card. We will charge your credit card monthly or yearly - depending on the billing period you choose - on the date you originally started your paid plan. Please note that there are no setup fees or additional charges.

    What's the difference between each plan?

    We're proud to offer you all our advertised features, regardless of the plan you choose. Our plans are designed with the size of your business in mind. If you're just starting your business and need to get it up and running, the Self-Employed plan is probably best for you. As your team grows, you offer more types of services, or you open new business locations, you'll naturally grow into the Small Business, Enterprise, or Marketplace plans.

    What are custom domains?

    Custom domains allow you to have your Amidship website without showing in the URL. For example, if your website domain is then users could fully browse your website, book your services, and track their orders on

    Is Amidship safe and secure?

    Great question! You and your clients' data is always safe with Amidship. Credit card payments are facilitated through our integrations with Stripe and PayPal to ensure high privacy and security for your clients. Both of these companies are highly regulated, secure, and compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. Should you choose to process credit card payments, your clients' information will be securely processed and stored on their end.

    Any other information stored on our end is encrypted and stored securely on our servers. This information accessible by the admin or owner of the account.

    What if I run multiple businesses?

    No problem at all! Amidship supports adding more than one business under the same account. Each business will remain completely separate from the rest, with a separate website and admin setup. However, please note that you will need to purchase a separate plan for each of your businesses.

    Are there any transaction fees?

    If you choose to process online credit card payments with Amidship, there will be standard fees associated with each transaction. For any Stripe or PayPal payments, a fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction applies. Please note that these fees are standard and not associated with our plans.

    Do you offer any discounted plans?

    Yes. We offer discounts to business owners who choose to pay for Amidship annually. This option will be available after your free trial has ended, once you select a plan that works for you and your business.

    Have more questions?

    Our team is available to answer any questions you might have and help you decide whether Amidship is right for you. Visit our Support Center or Contact Us directly for help.

    Start growing your business in just a few clicks.

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