Hi! We’re Amidship.

Amidship is an online tool developed specifically for service-based professionals. It allows you to connect with your customers, sell (and get paid for) your services online, and manage your time - all in one place.

It’s the easiest way to run your service-based business online.

Meet Rida Al Barazi, CEO & Founder

“I wanted to create a simple tool that solves a real problem.”

Back in 2005, Rida was working as a freelancer, building e-commerce websites, when he had the idea to automate a freelancer’s day-to-day workflow. He decided to build a web-based service that that helped automate, manage and administer a business in a simple, organized and easy way. The idea evolved when Rida noticed that small business owners and freelancers in particular were underserved in this area.

“It annoyed me to see an entire population being overlooked because they are not big enough to care about.”

Based on this realization, Rida worked to develop a powerful piece of software exclusively for service professionals, that was both easy to use and affordable. The result was Amidship.

“We wanted to provide the complete experience that service professionals need to run their business.”

Today, Amidship helps small businesses around the world streamline their work, and become more successful.

Who We Are

Rida Al Barazi
CEO & Founder

Previously, Rida helped various startups and enterprises in North America and the Middle East with development, product, and business strategy.

Rida has been designing and building for the web since 2002. He started working with Rails in 2005, co-authored Beginning Rails 3 in 2010, and spoke at different tech conferences in Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Rida lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter, and enjoys sampling local beers in his free time.

James Fisher

Although he is a trained mechanical engineer, James started his career working in the finance industry, before finding his true calling as a software developer. He spent 7 years working in various Toronto startups, before becoming an integral part of the Amidship team.

James lives with his wife and cat, and spends his free time tinkering with his two 1978 Yamaha RD-400s.

Mohanad Yajouri
VP Design

Mo is a digital product designer with a knack for working in small, agile teams to solve big, domain-specific inefficiencies.

Over the past decade, he's helped bring new products to life, as well as refine existing ones. He has experience in a wide range of industries including media, finance, and supply chain.

In his more recent roles, Mo has focused on building and shipping design systems that are central to creating coherent user experiences, ensuring consistent and scalable digital products.